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CNC - Cutting and milling

CNC-Miling of different sheet-materials. Fibreboard, Acrylic, Plywood, Plastics, Fiberglass ja Aluminum milling, drilling, cutting.

Bending of Thermoplastics

We provide thermoplastics bending works. Max. bending size: 2.4 m. Bending angles: 10 – 140 °

PE,PP Welding and Repairing

Welding of thermoplasts in our workshop or at Your work-object. Plastic-tank, frame, detail repairing jobs.

Vacuum forming of plastics

Vacuum forming of thermoplasts

Detail manufacturing

Mold manufacturing

Fiberglass details

Fiberglass detail manufacturing using Your mold.

Mold manufacturing

We using only epoxy resin!

Plastics glueing

Glueing of plastics and acrylic.

Painting and varnishing jobs

Different types of post-processing / finishing works. Also painting, varnishing, polishing works.

Vacuum impreggnation

Vacuum impregnation of winding and wood


Production of drawings, renderings, 3D models according to your wishes. Product / Detail design and development. Prototyping, model making.