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This manually handled bending machine is the ideal entry-level model and is particularly fit for portable purposes. The machine consists of a hot plate, responsible for the heating of the material, and a bending table, where the previously heated material is bent. The angle is infinitely adjustable from 10° to 120°. The bending cycle is performed manually.

High-performance all-round machinery with extraordinary value, but at a very economical price. Constructed with world-class components, consistent high performance. Low vibration and smooth motion ensure higher work piece quality.

The equipment used for the repair and welding. Leading scope welders for the material with a thickness of about 4 to 50 mm.

The rigid construction of the machine can cut stainless steel: it profiles and solid billet.
Semi-automatic machine with hydraulic control. After starting vise clamp the work piece, cutting occurs at a predetermined rate.

Machine for bending plastic 2.4 m long. The angles of 0 to 180 degrees.

Main Configuration:

  • Working area is :2100*3100mm
  • It supports multiple graphic formats, such as PLT / DXF / BMP / JPG / GIF / PGN / TIF and so on. This machine is equipped with Control System for CorelDraw/AutoCAD and other advance software.This machine is compatible with WIN7, Vista, XP and WIN2000

Different Laser Power cutting thickness:

Laser power/thickness 150W