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About Us

About Us


The company APEXBALTIC was established in 2008 and its current main field of activity is processing and preparation of items made of metal, glass fibre, different types of plastic and plexiglass.

APEXBALTIC has excellent production facilities on a territory of 350 m² and therefore the company is able to perform mechanical production works of the above-mentioned materials.

The items are prepared in the production workshop that has several different areas:

  • Sawing area;
  • Mechanical processing area with computer-operated devices, equipped with three milling machines;
  • Mechanical areas, equipped with drilling machines and straight cutting machine;
  • 1st varnishing area, equipped with vacuum impregnation and polymerisation cameras;
  • 2nd varnishing area – equipped with devices to apply the varnish on the surface of items;
  • Manual processing area where final examination and processing of the item take place;

Our technical personnel include experienced specialists, engineers, ship builders, technologists, and production organizers.

Our vision stresses that we want to be ut the logistics provider people turn to their first choice not only for all their shipping needs, but also as an employee or cargo investor. We are deeply proud of the sed contribution we can we make in our daily work. Everything that is moved from one place to another..


In the work process, the high-technological devices enable us to achieve maximum accuracy and save your material to a significant extent, thanks to the optimum processing in the production process of the items.


Company Apex Baltic provides both its old and new customers with services for the processing of wood.


Vacuum impregnation takes place with the help of the company’s devices: vacuum impregnation machine and polymerisation camera.